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The Accuria Way.

At Accuria, our mission is not to simply treat a condition, but to help people get their lives back… and faster than they thought possible.  All Accuria products utilize the principle of synergy, whereby a combination of agents produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Years of research, clinical studies and experience in the medical field have yielded innovative, scientific combinations that enable our products to work faster and better than other medicines on the market. By applying our specialized, transdermal technology, our products are able to be delivered to the site of action at rates of up to ten times faster and more in depth.  We are not only dedicated to medicine that works, but medicine that harnesses cutting edge science to work effectively and efficiently.



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World’s strongest broad spectrum tetracycline-based topical antibiotic with proven results.

Used to prevent and treat infections in cuts, scrapes, wounds, and burns.

Very low water content and optimum (low) viscosity.

Uses both a chemical AND physical kill mechanism which is advantageous over traditional antibiotics which use only a chemical kill mechanism and has a better resistance profile.


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